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Prologue: Mikaela King

Prepare a tear jerk in the first part of chapter.

This is feel like... a dream... that soon turning into a nightmare... I will never forget how my mom always gives me gifts on my birthday...

"Thanks for the gift, Mommy!"

"Well, I'd figure you would've wanted this for awhile."

I've always wonder if being a mom is hardest job ever... So, I'd ask my mom.

"Mom? Isn't it hard to be a mom?"

"Yes, but it's worth it for my two precious jewels."

Jewels... Heh... She always said that me and my older sister are the most precious treasure ever... I've even felt unsure of why I was even born into this world... I always look up to her...

"I wish I was strong and determine like you, mom... I feel so useless."

"Now, Mikaela... You are not useless. If you weren't born, your big sister wouldn't have anyone to talk to when she got home or someone to cheer her up when she had a bad day."

I've admit... I do try to make my sister feel better, but...

"But isn't that what you do?"

"Well, maybe, but you're much better than me. Besides, you also make me feel happy when I'm down and you gave me strength everyday..."

I didn't understand what she meant until she told me about her harsh life as a child to teen... She hated her life and wonders if there good about it until Krystal was born than me... I've even then ask her this...

"Mom, what are you afraid of the most? You've never seen scare of anything..."

"...That's not true... I am scare, but what I'm scare the most is that someday I will leave you and Krystal when I die... I don't want to leave my two girls in a world like this..."

...Because of that fear, she always tries to teach everything about life to Krystal and me so we'll be prepare, loves us and cheer us up when we felt sad...

"Is that a stuff animal dog? Thank you, Mommy~!"

"Your welcome. You seem to have a bad day, so I wanted to cheer you up."

"You're the best mom in the whole world and universe!"

"I know."

Mom... She knows how to make me feel better and I'd promise myself that one day I'll give her the best gift ever as thank you for raising me... But then I'd notices she was getting tired...

"...Mom? Are you okay? You seem more tired than before."

"I'm just sick, Mikaela..."

She mention she'd gotten a cut somewhere and her boyfriend wants to take her to see a doctor about it, but she said no... Even I felt worry about her health...

"Mom, maybe you should go to the doctor? I think this is much more than a cold."

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. I just need to sleep some more."

I've decide to drop it, but... I still felt something bad was gonna happen to her. So, I'd call my sister and told what's happening to our mom since Krystal left going to college...

"Krystal... I'm worry about mom... She doesn't seem well."

"It will be okay, Mik. Mom had already ask me to come over to keep you two company until she feel better."

I was so glad to see Krystal and we all spend time together, laughing a bit. It was like old times... what I didn't know... it was our last time together...

I've went bed early for some reasons... Then early in the morning... I heard my mom is a very sick voice...

"...Mikaela, wake up... I need to go to the hospital..."

I'd woken up with great concern, feeling that she was crying...

"Mom? What's wrong?!"

Luckily, Krystal was there to take our mom to the hospital...

"Be calm, Mik! She just feel unsure about this flu of hers."

We'd took her to the hospital so she could get some rest and the doctors could see what was wrong with her...

"Don't worry, mom... You'll be okay, right?"

When I told her that... She'd only look at me as if she knows this will be last time we'll ever speak to each other...

"...I... I hope so..."

The doctors took her to a room to rest up and we left to go home to wait for the doctor call us... But I've still felt really scared... Something bad was happening to mom and ask my sister to call the doctors before we went to bed... That's when it happened...

"What do you mean something is wrong with her?! You said it was just the flu!"

"I'm sorry Krystal, but it seem your mother doesn't have enough iron in her blood system and has turned into pneumonia..."

...I've heard about that... You can died from it unless you've been taken very well care of. How could this happen to her? ...Krystal, me and my mom's boyfriend went over there to see if she'll be okay...

"Is mom going be okay?"

I asked one the doctors, hoping for some good news...

"We don't know yet, but we'll try to scan her and give her some blood so Ms. King will go back to health."

However... no matter how many time they've tried moved her... I've kept hearing that same thing...

'...Code Blue... I repeat Code Blue...'

The doctors were doing their best to keep mom alive...

"...I'm sorry... This is the fourth time we're trying to keep her alive. This isn't good for the heart..."

...Her heart was really weak and tired... I didn't want that! I wanted the doctors to keep trying one last time! Even Krystal was scared for our mom...

"Please! You must save her!"

"We will try our best, Ms. Krystal..."

I've... I've remember watching the doctors trying to revive mom back, seeing my mom trying to come back to life...

"...She's fighting to come back..."

"How do you know that, Mikaela?!"

...How did I know...? 'Cause she was a fighter... She doesn't want her fear to come true... She always come through for us...

"...She doesn't want to leave us just yet... But... I know she won't make it... Mom, please hang in there... We still need you..."

But, I knew... I just knew she wasn't gonna make it... Even if she was trying... She just was too sick and... The lord knew she was too much in pain... So...

"Cleone King... has passed away... I am so sorry you two..."

...I knew it! I just knew it! She was gone... I'll never forget when Krystal stumbles out of the room in tears and came to me, hugging me...

"MOOOM!!! ...She's g-gone, M-Mikaela... She's really gone..."

I let a few tears out... I tried to stay strong for her and for me... We were lucky that my mom's boyfriend let us stay in the apartment until we've found a place... But where could we go? Krystal already has college to go, but she didn't want to leave me... That's when he suggest that she enroll me into college to be with her...

I've over heard them talking about it and I was kinda glad to be with my sister, but... mom... Mommy was gone... She left us and she knew she was gonna to die...

"...M-Mommy... Why? Why didn't you let us take you to the doctor sooner? Mommy... You'd promise me you would be there for us... for me! Why?! WHY?!"

This is a nightmare... I want to wake up and see my mom alive and well... But I can't! I just can't! ...Mom... why? Why did you leave us?!


...Wait... Who's calling me? ...Who... Who are you?

"...Mikaela... Mikaela... Mikaela? ...Mikaela King!!"

Mikaela suddenly woken up with start, staring up at the ceiling of her own bedroom. "...Huh? ...M-Mom?" She muttered with hope. However, once she glances at the door frame, she only saw her older sister, who was looking sad for Mikaela.

"...Mikaela... It's time to get up and get ready for college." Her sister; Krystal, told her.

Mikaela flinches when Krystal mention that. Which means... Cleone King has been dead for 3 weeks. Mikaela slowly sat up, frowning with grief. She hasn't been the same since the passing of their mother. "...Do I... Do I have to go?" She muttered.

Krystal sighs, closing her eyes, "...Mikaela, you know I have classes to finish and there's no way you could hold out on your own. Just get ready and meet me downstairs..." and left to go outside to her car.

Mikaela sat there in her bed for a minute or two then slowly got out of bed as tears slowly slips out. "...Mommy..." She whispered with grief and lost. "...You're really gone..."

15 minutes later, Mikaela came downstairs with a backpack and bag filled with her stuff and headed to Krystal's car. She'd put her stuff in the back of the car and got in the front seat.

As soon as Mikaela sat down in the passenger seat, Krystal starts up the car. "Have you gotten what you need?" Krystal asked.

Mikaela just responded by nodding.

"Did you get...her necklace?" Krystal asked once again.

Mikaela nodded again. "...It's in the bag." She muttered.

"Then we're all set." Krystal replied then drove the car onto the streets, leaving the home that they once lived as they heading off to college, Emotion College.

Moments later, they arrive at a huge building with tall trees and a fountain there, seeing many people walking by.

Mikaela looks out through the window. "...Is this the college you go to?" Mikaela asked her sister.

Krystal nodded. "Yep... It's the best here in California. Well, make that one of the best." She park the car in the parking lot.

Mikaela sighs, "...I don't want to be here."

Krystal looks at her younger sister then sighs, "Look, I know how you feel, but you might as well deal with it. Our mother is no longer with us and I'm not gonna baby you like before..."

Mikaela looks down at her lap, frowning, "...I know..." and got out of the car.

After, getting her stuff, the two sisters headed to one of the dorms and were walking down the hallways.

"Now, Mikaela, as you known, Jojo will be sharing with us as well, but she's out at the moment. So, you'll see her tomorrow and your classes won't start until in two days has pass by." Krystal told Mikaela.

"Two days?" Mikaela muttered with confusions.

"Well, I did call in and told this college about you and it usually take time until you've filled in with the classes you'll be put in." Krystal explained as they went upstairs to the second floor.

Mikaela sighs, "Are you sure I can be enroll in this college?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm sure... Besides, you were suppose to go to college many months ago, but mother decides to only let you go if you're ready." Krystal responded as they stop the third door; '8'. "This is our room number, so don't forget and don't let any strangers in when me or Jojo are out."

"Yes, Krystal." Mikaela muttered.

Krystal unlocks the door and went inside with Mikaela.

Unknown to them, a boy with brown hair and two eye colors; green and brown, just saw them go in the room. His name is Alcott Cardwell.

"A new student? This early?" Alcott muttered with confusions. "Normally, new ones don't come until in two days... I wonder who's this girl is?"

A male student went up to him, "Alcott, you're needed in room 202. Ms. Red is nagging about what happened today."

Alcott looks up as he sighs, "Of course... Let's go." He and the other student left.

Inside of the room of door number 8, Mikaela saw how big the living room is and saw the kitchen.

She gasps a bit with awed, "Wow... You weren't kidding about this room."

Krystal kinda smiled a bit. "Yeah, it ain't much, but I like it so far. Now, there are two bedrooms at the moment, so me and Jojo agree to let you have Jojo's room."

Mikaela surprise. She thought there was three bedrooms, but like always, her sister doesn't tell her much sooner. "What? But where will Jojo sleep? And what about her stuff?" Mikaela asked.

"Chill..." Krystal told her, sighing. "Jojo will sleep in my room and she'd already moved her stuff out of the way, so until this college find you another room for your own, you'll have to stay here until then."

"Great..." Mikaela grumbled then said, "So, which room is it?"

"It's the second door to the left. The first one is the bathroom and the one on the right is my room." Krystal told her. "So, if you need anything, let me know. And it better be important."

Mikaela rolled her eyes at her sister, "Anything from me is important."

"Yeah, yeah..." Krystal grumbled then said, "Just put your stuff up so I can show you around a bit."

"A bit? Shouldn't I see the whole thing?" Mikaela sarcastically said.

"Hey! I am tired from all the driving and there are some places you shouldn't go to here." Krystal strictly said.

"Okay, okay! Sorry!" Mikaela exclaimed as she walks pass Krystal to the room then mumblings to herself, "You're such a grouch..."

Krystal glares at Mikaela, "What did you just say?!"

Mikaela winces then quickly went into the room, shouting, "Nothing! I love you!" and closes the door in time before Krystal could come in.

Krystal humphs then let's out a breath, "...It's amazing how she does it... I've always thought she was immature, but once in a while... she can be mature." She headed to her room.

Inside the room of Jojo's, Mikaela sets her bag and backpack down on the floor then looks around the room. She saw the walls and blue with musical notes, an upper window and see the bed.

Mikaela quietly sighs with grief, "I can't believe this is happening to me..." She kneels down to her bag, unzips the zipper and pulls a small white box. She opens the box, revealing a golden chain necklace that once belongs to her mother.

Mikaela stares at the necklace for a long minute as a tear leaks out. "...Mommy... why did you leave me?" She cried for 3 minutes then heard a knock at the door.

"Mikaela? Are you ready in there?" Krystal called through the door.

Mikaela sniffs as she took off her glasses to wipes her tears away, "...Y-Yeah... I mean, yeah!" She quickly fixes her voice.

"...Then come on! I still have to show you around... half of it." Krystal told her.

Mikaela shook her head, knowing her sister is tired and kinda lazy, but she doesn't blame Krystal. She puts her glasses back on  and was about to get up until she looks back at the necklace. The necklace was wore by her mother many years ago. Cleone stops wearing it, but kept it safe to give it to one of her daughters.

Mikaela took the necklace out of the box and place it around her neck. She looks down at it, feeling a bit better. "...At least this way, you'll be with me, right?" She muttered to it.

"Mikaela?!" Krystal suddenly shouts through the door.

Mikaela responds, "I'm coming!" She got up and left the bedroom to see Krystal waiting for her with her arms cross to her chest.

"Now that you're ready... let's go and check out where you should go." Krystal told as she went to the front door with Mikaela behind her.

About 30 t0 38 minutes later, after showing the gym, the bathrooms, the library, principal office and lab, the sisters were now heading to cafeteria.

Krystal was explaining to Mikaela, "Okay, this is the cafeteria. They serve good food here, especially on Tuesday. Though, it's best not to eat on Friday's lunch."

"Why, may I ask?" Mikaela said.

Krystal glances away a bit, "Let's just say... they serve fish and they taste nasty."

Mikaela's eyes went wide open with disgust, "Ew! ...I'll keep that in mind." She wrote down in her notebook she was carrying.

"You better. And luckily, there's a cafe and some stores nearby." Krystal told Mikaela. "Now, onto to the classrooms."

Mikaela sighs then quickly follows Krystal until her shoulder bumps against another shoulder of a guy who was just walking by. The bump made her drop the notebook towards the floor.

Mikaela looks down at her notebook, feeling worry about the person she accidentally bump into. "Ah! I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to do that!" She exclaimed as she bends down to pick up the notebook.

She then heard a deep male voice...

"No, it was my fault."

The next thing she knew, once she lay her hand on the notebook, a light creamy peach hand was on her hand. She felt her cheeks warm up a bit then slowly look up ahead to see brown eyes of a young Asian man staring right back at her.

She blushes with bright pink as her heart race. "Oh my god... He is drop dead gorgeous, handsome and hott! Wait... What did I just thought?" She shook her head and quickly took her notebook into her arms. "I-I... I'm sorry again..." She squeaked, looking aside.

She heard him chuckling a bit and replies to her, "No, it's mine. I wasn't paying attention. Are you okay?"

Mikaela just nodded.

"Um... I don't think I've seen you here before. Are you new here?" He asked.

"I... Y-yeah..." She muttered, trying not to look at him, but she does with just a glance.

"Really? What's your name?" He asked, smiling.

Mikaela blushes even more. She never felt towards any guy before and her heart was racing like crazy.

Mikaela hid her lower face with her notebook from the young man. "I... I am..."

She suddenly heard Krystal's shout from the hallways. "Mikaela King!! Get over here!"

Mikaela flinches then stutters to him, "I-I gotta g-go! Bye!" then runs off to her sister.

Mikaela turn to the right corner to see Krystal looking a bit mad. "Mikaela, stay close to me while I give you a tour. There are a few guys here that are creeps." Krystal strictly told her younger sister.

"I'm sorry! But I'd drop my notebook and bump into this guy." Mikaela explained.

"What guy?" Krystal asked, raising her left eyebrow.

Mikaela tries to remember. "Um... I don't know, but he's really handsome, such amazing smile and his eyes are like cats..." She sighed with a dreamy look on her face. "And he had such a deep voice..."

Krystal suddenly looks at her sister like she was crazy, "Say what?"

Mikaela shook her head to snap out of it. "N-Nothing! I just..."

She interrupted by another guy voice...

"Well, well... a new student?"

Krystal and Mikaela looks back to see a young man with brown hair; Alcott.

Krystal groans with annoyances at him, "Get lost, Alcott. I'm giving my sister a tour here."

Alcott slightly glares at Krystal then looks at Mikaela, "Your sister? I never thought you would have one."

"What does that mean, you creep?!" Krystal exclaimed, glaring at Alcott as she tighten her fists.

Alcott had his hands up to defend himself. "Easy! I was just kidding around..." He puts his hands down. "Now then, what is your sister name?"

Mikaela was about to answer, but Krystal cuts her off, "Oh no you don't, Alcott! You better stay away from her, but if you come near her and lay one hand on her..." She growled in a threaten way.

Alcott backs away from Krystal, "Hey! I was just trying to be friendly..." He scoffed then walks away. "I'll see ya later, Krystal's sister!" He shouted to Mikaela as he left.

Mikaela looked confused. "Uh... Who was that guy?" She asked.

"That's Alcott Cardwell, the School President of this college." Krystal responded, sighing with disgust. "He may seem nice at first, but he's a creep and likes to blackmail many people to get things his way."

"Seriously?!" Mikaela gasped with shock.

"Yeah, so stay away from that guy at all time." Krystal told her. "Let's head back to the dorm, I'm really tired right now."

"But... what about the nurse office?" Mikaela asked, looking at Krystal. "And the classes?"

"We'll do it tomorrow... I'm tired from all the driving and walking around here." Krystal sighed, walking ahead.

"But... I need to know where everything is." Mikaela said, following her sister.

"It can wait until tomorrow." Krystal sighed with annoyances.

Mikaela grunted a bit. "But I wanna know--"

Krystal turns to Mikaela, looking really upset and irritated. "Mikaela!! I said tomorrow!"

Mikaela flinches away from Krystal with fright as the tears slowly comes in.

Krystal saw how scared Mikaela then sighs, feeling guilty. "...I'm sorry for snapping at ya like that."

"Forget it..." Mikaela whimpered, looking away from her sister. "...Let's just go back to dorm..." She went head to where their dorm is.

Krystal lightly smacks her head. "Dang it... I'm in a lot of stress, but Mikaela feeling a lot more worse than me... I hope that didn't withdrew her away from me." She muttered then follows after Mikaela.

Minutes later, they went back to the dorm decide to get ready for bed since it was already getting closer to nighttime.

Mikaela puts on her pajamas to sleep in then just went right to her bedroom to sleep while Krystal decides to stay up a bit longer. Mikaela went to her backpack and took a sheet for her to sleep with.

She then took off the necklace and place it back in the box.

"...Goodnight, mom..." Mikaela whispered with grief and sets the box right next the bed.

She lays on the bed and just went right to sleep after a rough day.

She soon dreams that she was in space of whiteness.

Mikaela looks around, trying find anyone with her, but none. "...Where.. Where am I? What is this?" She muttered with confusions.

Suddenly, a bright floating light flies up to her and floats right in front of her, softly speaking to her... 'You are...the one...'

"The what? What are you talking about? Who are you?" Mikaela asked.

The next thing she knew, the light went right into her. Mikaela then saw strange symbols in her mind suddenly saw her heart had burst out with colorful light.

She gasped with awed and surprise, "Huh?! What's going on?!"

She heard faint joy laughter that sounded like children...

'...Hee-hee... Alright! Tee-hee... Yay~ ...Ha-ha! ...Oh-oh... Let's go!'

Unknown to her, once she wakes, this will be the mark of her first adventures...

It's finally here, the first chapter of the Felidae Dragons! Though, I still need to reread it to make it's okay, but I wanted to post it up anyway.

EDIT: Added facts on here

Mikaela King Meets Kim Jung Hee -
Mikaela Dreaming -

Anyway, the first part is actually base on my thought about mother's passing and how I felt. And it's Mikaela's telling you guys what happened. Now, after the passing Cleone, Mikaela has been enroll to be Krystal's college in order for Krystal to watch over her younger sister. However, Mikaela is about to have her first adventure ever...

First Appearances: Mikaela King, Krystal King, Cleone King (mention), Kim Jung Hee & Alcott Cardwell

1. The part about Cleone's death is base on what happened to my mother
2. The boyfriend of Cleone's wasn't suppose to be in it, but I've decide to add him
3. Emotion College is base on UCLA and most colleges in San Diego
4. Emotion College was suppose to be a High School district

Summary: After the death of her mother, Mikaela has enter the Emotion College to live with her older sister; Krystal. Unknown to her, it was the mark of an adventure that could change her life forever, meeting creatures she has never seen before... the Felidae Dragons.

??: Not written yet
No Star: Working On It/Unknown
Half Star: Almost Done/Halfway Done
Star!: Finish/Will Be Post Up Soon

The Cover Felidae Dragons:
The Cover of Vol. 1:

Prologue - Mikaela King: You're here
Chapter 1 - Such A 'Violet' Animal:
Chapter 2 - Be Careful, It Sting:
Chapter 3 - A 'Buddy' Of Mine:
Chapter 4 - A Yellow 'Byul': :star-empty:
Chapter 5 - A Four Leaf 'Clover': ??
Chapter 6 - A New Friendship: ??
Chapter 7 - How 'Lovely' She Is: ??
Chapter 8 - Coffee Date~: ??
Chapter 9 - I Am 'Amaze' By This One: ??
Chapter 10 - I'm 'Curious' About You: ??
Chapter 11 - Witch 'Hazel': ??
Bonus Chapter - Beach Time: ??
Chapter 12 - You're Never Alone (Part 1): ??
Chapter 13 - The Light Within (Part 2): ??

The Felidae Dragons, Cover, Story © :iconicyi:
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